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Hello! Welcome!

I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Kyle Megill and I am a recent design graduate from BAA Interior Design. Although my primary study was in Interior Design my interest and passions extend to many areas of design, including music and all the arts. I am a designer, a musician and love a good adventure.

I guess that’s where the purpose of this blog comes in. Over the next 2.5 months I will be traveling across Europe with my friend Graham. We have known each other for many years and are making a childhood dream come true with this trip. I am traveling not only for a vacation, but for inspiration too. My journey across Europe will serve as inspiration for the next chapter of my life and for what will surely be the beginning of my career. I believe that a designer’s inspiration is what fuels innovation and creativity. As a designer, my goal is to create places and things that improve people’s experiences and quality of life provoking an overall emotional experience. Isn’t that we all hope for in design? A better quality of life? Things that make us think? – By exposing myself to new cultures I hope to gather and channel my inspiration providing an opportunity for innovation and creativity to flourish.

My goal for this blog project is to provide updates for each country I visit. I will strive to capture the essence of my experiences, sharing them with all of you. I will also be compiling video footage I capture during my trip. I am aiming to release a small film documenting my trip experiences which may not all be mentioned in this blog. For the full experience indulge in my blog and experience my video!

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to check out my blog. If you are cool with sharing it with your friends I would be more than grateful.

More to come soon,


  Hit List. 

Hit List. 

*I've included a list of the countries I will be visiting in the image above – hopefully it’s all legible!