Restaurant DNA Mutation

Type: Furniture/Restaurant - Location: Universal - Status: Concept/Patent Pending

The scope of my thesis alters the classical elements of restaurant design. Not only have I contributed a previously unknown feature to the design of a restaurant, but I bring a new multi-dimensional nature to the dining experience itself. My design creates and explores ‘personalization of the dining environment using flexible furniture’. My goal was to create furniture that offers restaurant patrons options to personally customize their restaurant furnishings, leaving the ergonomics and usability of the furniture intact while providing comfort never experienced before in a dining environment. The design is a response to the lack of ability to personalize dining attributes such as: acoustics, lighting and overall comfort within a restaurants’ uniquely dynamic space. The design process used combined methods of interviews, associated literature research, as well as the development of prototypes. I conducted my research on two types of people: those who work in the restaurant industry, and those who dine in restaurants. Both groups participated in structured interviews and were observed in ways that aided my research resulting in the most effective design solution possible.

This research was recognized and awarded at Applied Research 11.0 - Applied Research & Innovation. The project placed 2nd overall after 3 stages of judging and competing in the finals.

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