The H-Chair Launch

It's Almost Here....

I am pleased to announce that I will be launching the first ever 'H-Chair' at IDS14.

"Why a chair" you may ask? - Well not just any chair, but rather a dining chair. While completing my thesis work for my undergraduate degree I did extensive research in restaurant design and found that there was an underlying factor that seemed to remain constant - the design of the chairs. It seemed almost as if it was the only factor that seemed to be consistent throughout the advancement restaurant design. Which is what made me question the design of the dining chair and analyze the issues that we still face in dining environments today. This led me to the obvious question of - What things do we look for when we’re eating? Well after over a year of development and research I am please to announce the launch of the 'H-Chair’ on January 23rd at IDS14.

With the event and launch a little less than 8 days away make sure to check back for regular updates as the story is just beginning to unfold.